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29/11/2016 - 18:00
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SUSE Certified Linux Administrator (CLA) Exam

SUSE CLA Exam: 050-720 to SUSE CLA 11


Test Objectives:

A thorough understanding of the course and test objectives is recommended prior to taking the test. Novell-authorized training kits contain the material from which test objectives and test questions are taken. They are the best resources for test preparation.

  • Access and Use man Pages
  • Use info Pages
  • Understand the File System Hierarchy Standard (FHS)
  • Manage Directories with Nautilis and CLI
  • Create and View Files
  • Work with Files and Directories
  • Find Files on Linux
  • Search File Content
  • Get to Know the Command Shells
  • Execute Commands at the Command Line
  • Work with Variables and Aliases
  • Understand Command Syntax and Special Characters
  • Use Piping and Redirection
  • Get to Know YaST
  • Manage the Network Configuration Information from YaST
  • Manage Users and Group Accounts with YaST
  • Describe Basic Linux User Security Features
  • Manage User and Group Accounts from the Command Line
  • Manage File Permissions and Ownership
  • Ensure File System Security
  • Use the Editor vi to Edit Files
  • Manage RPM Software Packages
  • Manage RPM Software Repositories with zypper
  • Perform a SLES 11 Installation
  • Describe the Linux Load Procedure
  • Manage GRUB (Grand Unified Bootloader)
  • Manage Runlevels
  • Describe How the Linux Processes Work
  • Manage Linux Processes
  • Select the Linux File System
  • Configure Linux File System Partitions
  • Manage Linux File Systems
  • Configure Logical Volume Manager (LVM) and Software Raid
  • Set Up and Configure Disk Quotas
  • Set Up Network Interfaces with the ip Tool
  • Set Up Routing with the ip Tool
  • Test the Network Connection with the Command Line Tool
  • Configure Host Name and Name Resolution
  • Manage RPM Software Packages
  • Verify and Update Software Library Access
  • Provide Secure Remote Access with OpenSSH
  • Monitor a SLE System
  • Use System and Logging Services
  • Monitor Login Activity
  • Schedule Jobs with cron
  • Schedule Jobs with at
  • Develop a Backup Strategy
  • Create Backups with tar
  • Create Backups on Magnetic Tape
  • Copy Data with dd
  • Mirror Directories with rsync
  • Automate Data Backups with cron
  • Configure User Authentication with PAM
  • Manage and Secure the Linux User Environment
  • Use Access Controls Lists (ACLs) for Advanced Access Control


Exam registration:




Test Registration—CLA 11

The costs for the tests differ depending on the area of the world you live. For example, Standard Tests in the US cost $125 and the Practicum costs $195.

From time to time, SUSE Training Services may require you to take an exam to keep current on the latest solutions and technologies. These exams are considered a Continuing Certification Requirement (CCR), which keep your skills up-to-date and keep your certification valuable in the marketplace.

Each candidate must submit the SUSE Training Services Certification Agreement before certification can be awarded. Take advantage of submitting the agreement when you test. The agreement can be viewed and downloaded and the signature form returned to SUSE.



SUSE - Certified Linux Administrator 12 (CLA 12)

The CLA 12 is now available via VUE testing and can be taken today at any of their test centres. We will also launch this exam with a new partner called Innovative Exams, who will offer the same test but it can be taken anywhere, it simply needs an internet connection, web browser and webcam.

Certified Linux Administrator 12 (CLA 12) is available on: Innovative Exams

SUSE - Certified Linux Administrator 12 (CLA 12)
Exam Code: 050-733
Exam Duration: 90 minutes



Dual LPI & CLA Certification

SUSE, Linux Professional Institute and CompTIA have teamed up to offer you the chance to earn three Linux certifications. The SUSE Certified Linux Administrator, the Linux Professional Institute LPIC-1 and CompTIA Linux Powered by LPI.

Read the CompTIA press release and the Linux Professional Institute press release to learn more about their certifications.

On February 9th, 2010 SUSE and the Linux Professional Institute announced an international partnership to standardize their entry-level Linux certification programs on LPIC-1. Under the terms of the agreement, all qualified LPIC-1 holders will have the opportunity to apply for SUSE CLA certification without additional exams or fees.

    Get more information on the dual certification program



W naszej ofercie dostępne są również (on-demand) szkolenia wyspecjalizowane ze ścieżek 8000 oraz 9000.
Prosimy pytać o nie w dziale handlowym: 22 861 96 04 lub osec@osec.pl




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